1 Product groups covered by the scope of accreditation/notification of Eu-Cert Sp. z o.o. entity.

EU-Cert Sp. z o.o., as a Notified Body, is competent to carry out conformity assessment processes with the requirements of the MED Directive for the following groups of products as defined in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)*:

  • lifesaving equipment, e.g.: life jackets, life rafts, lifeboats,
  • fire protection equipment, e.g.: non-combustible materials, fire detection systems,    
  • extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers, personal protective equipment,
  • equipment required under COLREG'72: navigation lights,
  • other safety equipment: self-contained compressed air breathing apparatuses.

* The full list of product groups covered by the MED Directive is contained in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU). There, the applicable requirements of international regulations and conformity assessment procedures applicable to individual items of marine equipment are also specified. 

2. Conformity assessment procedures covered by the scope of accreditation/notification of Eu-Cert Sp. z o.o* entity.

EU-Cert Sp. z o.o. in the area of MED Directive conducts conformity assessment processes according to the following modules:

  • Module B - EU type examination,
  • Module D - production quality assurance,
  • Module E - quality assurance of the product,
  • Module F - verification of the product,
  • Module G - unit verification.
    * This means that it is not enough to have a certificate for module B confirming that the product meets the technical requirements, but it must also be certified for one of the quality assurance modules - D or E or product verification module - F. This does not apply to certification for module G (unit verification).